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Chilton Family Metal Benefit


If you’ve been a part of the Minnesota metal scene, chances are you know Greg Chilton.

As lead vocalist for Twin Cities mainstays Necromis, Sublevel and Outside The Murder, Greg has been throwing it down on stage for longer than a lot of musicians have been alive.

Greg has also hosted over 100 episodes of the Ritual Madness Podcast, a program that has provided exposure to countless Minnesota musicians and artists.

On September 10th, Greg and his family were involved in a pretty severe car accident. Thankfully, nobody suffered life-threatening injuries. All the same, some bones were broken, a car was totaled and the bills are unforgiving.


Jordan Dwayne Swanson of Zerobudget Records family members Echoes Of The Fallen has stepped up to organize a benefit show for the Chilton Family, currently scheduled for November 19th at Opinion Brewing Company. Proceeds from the show (including money raised from a silent auction) will go to help the family get back on our feet.

Greg has lent considerable support to Cwn Annwn throughout our career. Greg offered us one of our first high-profile shows when we were very young – an opening slot on the Necromis “Burnscar” CD release at the Triple Rock (one of my favorite local CDs to this day). This was the first of many shows we would play with Greg, including when Necromis supported us for The Method Of Murder CD release at 7th Street Entry. Greg was also kind enough to have us as a guest on Episode 64 of the Ritual Madness Podcast.

What’s really fantastic about Greg is that we’re only one of probably a few hundred bands to have benefited from his support. I find myself consistently astonished by his selflessness and the generosity to he shows to anyone who works to make this state just a little louder.

If you can attend, RSVP to the benefit show on Facebook. And whether you can or can’t go, take a moment to share this event and help a good family through this troubled time.